Presell.AI can be used to amplify growth for virtually any product or service. We offer fine-tuned customer acquisition models for common offerings such as Life Insurance in addition to providing users with the ability to fine-tune their own custom models from scratch in seconds using Generative AI & Prompt Engineering.
Key Concepts
The platform is
Quickstart tutorial
Learn by building a quick sample growth marketing campaign.
Campaigns are the highest most parent element within Presell.AI.
Products are used to populate the assets within Campaigns.
Funnels are sequentially generated webpages that create a linear path to conversion.
Traffic is paid or organic visitors interacting with individual Funnel webpages
Followups are outbound communications to Funnel visitors.
Programmatic AI Marketing
Where Generative AI & Prompt Engineering Meet Growth Marketing.
Built With Love & Redbull
for Growth Marketers by Growth Marketers
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